Quickly recover your investment

Your patients will perceive immediate results


The cures will be made in a minimum time.

Cicatrization 80% faster than any other method.

Easy transportation. You can use it in any place you need.

Novaderm is a high frequency electromedical device for wound debridement. Our technology manages to detach the necrotic or sloughed tissue and decreases the bacteria of the wound; promoting the formation of granulated tissue necessary to initiate the cicatrization process.

NOVADERM provides healing of wounds, ulcers and diabetic foot with ultrasonic debridement.


Wound debridement:

  • Venous ulcers.

  • Surgical dehiscences

  • Diabetic foot.

  • Infected wounds.

  • Pressure ulcers.

  • Open fractures.

  • Small burns.

  • Infected joints.

  • It is less painful.

  • It is selective.

  • It does NOT destroy healthy blood vessels.

  • NO risk of bleeding or hemorrhages.

  • It acts in a short term.

  • Retain the granulation tissue.

  • NO Repeated applications required during the day. It can be used on infected wounds.


In a single session

How it works?

Novaderm emits an electrical signal allowing the handle to resonate or vibrate at the designed frequency of its geometry (35 kHz); converting electrical energy to ultrasonic waves.

A sterile saline solution transfers the ultrasonic energy to the wound, which releases the dead tissue and bacteria, respecting the healthy tissue and promoting the formation of granulated tissue.

Novaderm can be used with three transducers with different shapes at the tip, to attend to other types of wounds:

  • Transducer with trapezoidal tip for superficial wounds.

  • Transducer with spherical tip for deep wounds.

  • Transducer with cylindrical tip for tiny and deep wounds

Lic. Otilia Cruz Castañeda

"... it favors the advanced handling of wounds, when carrying out the debridement of the same ones, diminishing the bacterial loads, of the same way the dead devitalized tissue"

MBA Guadalupe Marialobo C.

"With Novaderm we can offer a fast, painless and cost-efficient service to our patients.

At Procura we are very proud to have this debridement system because we can provide people with injuries with improvement in a very short time. "

Lic.Enfermera Katty Cabrera Ortuzar

"Having this technology

has brought great benefits

for our patients,

perform debridement painlessly

It is without a doubt the best part

of attention ".