The treatment time is reduced by half, unequaled results



Provide the greatest comfort in aesthetic modeling.


It will offer unparalleled quality.

Laser & Radiofrequency

Body modeling of complicated areas













Reduction of flaccidity and sizes achieving modeling the figure,

improving the firmness and skin appearance.

Initial patient with a history of liposuction.

Patient tenth session.

Reduction of flaccidity and localized adiposity, the appearance of the skin was visibly improved.

Initial patient

Patient tenth session.

Improvement of the firmness and lifting of gluteus, as well as improvement in the appearance of the skin

Initial patient

Patient fourth session.

Patient eighth session.

Reduction of laterals, reaching to model the figure in a few sessions without surgery.


  • It can be used in ANY AREA OF THE BODY

  • Easy treatment of difficult areas.

  • Excellent results with patients who have tried other aesthetic procedures without obtaining good results.

  • No recovery time is necessary.

  • Lipolux treatments are safe, painless, fast and effective to reduce localized adiposity.

  • It is effective in all skin types and colors.

  • Results visible from the first session

  • Non-invasive, painless, does not need anesthesia.

  • 100% safe 

What is it?

Principle of action

The only system designed and manufactured in Mexico that currently exists for body modeling and localized reduction of measurements, based on the principle of Non-Invasive Cellular Lipoextraction where permeability and cellular stimulation, generated by a hybrid system that combines laser radiation and principle of molecular movement (radio), is obtained.

Based on the research work developed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Gustavo Gonzalez Zaldívar in conjunction with Indemex, the next generation of technology for body remodeling was achieved.

Due to its innovative characteristics it generates a virtual pore in the adipocyte after a few minutes of laser radiation, allowing the exit of fatty acids from the adipose panniculus, at the same time stimulates collagen and elastin, due to the intracellular heating generated by deep Radiofrequency system, thus heating the fatty acids facilitates drainage due to the change in viscosity of them due to temperature, in turn improves circulation and metabolic functioning of the treated area.


Once the fatty acids are released, these triglycerides are broken into free fatty acids and glycerol by the enzyme lipoprotein-lipase (LPL). Free fatty acids (insoluble in water) bind to albumin and are transported slowly to the liver. The glycerol (soluble in water) is transported to the liver through the interstitial-fluid liquid tissue-and blood fluid behaviors. The final elimination is by urine and feces.

Adipocyte in its natural state

Application of 635 nm laser light. About adipocy full of fat. The fat is emulsified

Adipocyte after being treated with 635nm light. It is empty and smaller. The membrane and capillaries are not damaged, so there are no bruises.

The membrane becomes permeable and the fat goes out to the interstice. The radiofrequency finishes dissolving the fat and prevents the fat stagnation at the same time that it tense the skin.


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