Installation and training by our specialists WIHTOUT EXTRA COST

Indemex equipment and services will grow your business


Our Technology

You can perform the cures in a minimum time.


You can use it in any place you need it due its easy mobility.


It favors a faster cicatrization.

The treatment time is reduced by half.

Provide the greatest comfort in aesthetic modeling.

Offer unequaled quality.

It will facilitate your laboratory work.



You will get the best homogenization results.


professional installation services.







customer service in sale & after sale process.


NO extra cost training.

When you purchase any of Indemex equipment, you will get:


The main electronic equipment manufacturer to make easier the doctors, specialists and medical students work.


We develop equipment to provide the best & forefront technology solutions.

We manufacture three different products:

- Treatment of Wounds

- Aesthetic Medicine

- Laboratory


If you are interested on any of Indemex equipment, send us your information and we will send you a quote shortly.

Lic. Otilia Cruz Castañeda

"... it favors the advanced handling of wounds, when carrying out the debridement of the same ones, diminishing the bacterial loads, of the same way the dead devitalized tissue"

MBA Guadalupe Marialobo C.

"With Novaderm we can offer a fast, painless and cost-efficient service to our patients.

At Procura we are very proud to have this debridement system because we can provide people with injuries with improvement in a very short time. "

Lic.Enfermera Katty Cabrera Ortuzar

"Having this technology

has brought great benefits

for our patients.

Perform debridement painlessly

is without a doubt the best part

of attention ".

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