Do you know all the benefits and applications of ultrasound in emulsification?

Heus is a 100% Mexican equipment designed to emulsify; through ultrasonic vibration it reduces the size of the particles of the materials in order to distribute them uniformly and thus carry out the effects of homogenization, dispersion and emulsion. As a result, the materials form a stable state. Heus has relied on precise data, design and special manufacturing technology to ensure a high cutting frequency.

We facilitate your work using the most effective technology for emulsification with the best results.

How it works?

The system vibrates at 39 kHz (39,000 pulses per second), converting electrical energy to mechanical ultrasound waves thanks to the sonotrodes available in the equipment, which can be easily manipulated. The touch screen of Heus conveniently allows to read values and modify the power.


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